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  • Thu, 12:22: Research question of the day: when archers shoot at you, assuming no cover, is it better to run in a straight line or zigzag?
  • Thu, 16:00: You can taste the dust in this one. Colour photos collapse the distance in time. https://t.co/5MGVAFNrxD
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    Fri, 15:17: Newspapers: U must pay 4 linking to our content Also Newspapers: LOL https://t.co/6FXdVfvnpQ

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    Thu, 15:22: @ Longshanks1307 Do we have any evidence/examples for how castles were guarded during peace? Patrols on and around ramparts? Or…

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    Wed, 17:25: This book is either really boring - OMG logistics!! - or actually rather marvellous. I have downloaded the sample to find out.…

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