January 11th, 2021

Sword of Zornhau

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  • Sun, 19:49: RT @JasonColavito: The Met said that accusing all of history of being a Luciferian conspiracy was a way to "oppose political corruption, bu…
  • Mon, 07:05: RT @mockman: It is a little known fact that the placenta is actually a big sack of money. This is why they ‘dispose of it for you’ at most…
  • Mon, 07:07: RT @NataniaBarron: Tonight's weird thought: What did a Georgian mansion smell like when it was new?
  • Mon, 07:10: RT @HNTurtledove: On a day without much good news, I have some: David Weber is home from the hospital.
  • Mon, 10:10: Kids back at school, wife back at work. The flat is so quiet, writing is easy... No wait. Bugger.